Other Meditation Sites



Access to Insight - Readings in Theravada Buddhism

Audio Dharma - downloadable dharma talks from the Mid Peninsula Dharma Center

Bhavana Society - Website for Bhante Gunaratana's Forest Monastery and Retreat Center

Dharma Seed - Tapes and books about Theravada Buddhism

Forest Way - Information about Matt Flickstein's retreats

Insight Meditation Society - Insight Meditation Society and Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

Mid America Dharma Group - Vipassana meditation retreats and centers in the Heartland

Mid America Dharma Study Resources - Selected Theravada texts available online The resources on this page were originally compiled as part of the Ganges Sangha website. That site was discontinued and the resources were transferred to this site by the original webmaster, Michael Potter.

Northwest Dharma Association - Supporting Buddhist teachings in the Pacific Northwest

Pariyatti Bookstore - Books and tapes in the Theravada tradition

S. N. Goenka - Website for Goenka's organization and retreats

Spirit Rock Meditation Center - Retreat Center in Northern California

Vipassana Fellowship - Online library of suttas and other resources