General Information About Vipassana Montana Retreats



Insight Meditation  (VIPASSANA) is a simple and direct practice of moment-to-moment investigation of the mind/body process through calm and focused awareness. Begun more than 2,500 years ago this practice originates in the Theravada tradition of the teachings of the Buddha. Learning to observe experience from a place of stillness enables one to relate to life with less fear and clinging. Seeing life as a constantly changing process, one begins to accept pleasure and pain, fear and joy, and all aspects of life with increasing equanimity and balance. As insight deepens, wisdom and compassion arise. Insight meditation is a way of seeing clearly the totality of one's being and experience. This practice requires no belief commitments and is compatible with all religious affiliations.

vipassana meditation


Vipassana retreats are designed for both beginning and experienced meditators. Daily instruction in meditation and nightly dhamma talks by the teacher are given, and individual or group interviews are arranged with the teacher at regular intervals. The entire day is spent in silent meditation practice with alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. The combination of this regular schedule, the silence, group support, and daily instructions provides a beneficial environment for developing and deepening meditation practice. Complete silence is maintained at all times except during teacher interviews and question/answer periods. To gain the most benefit, participants  are encouraged to attend the full retreat.


 In particular we hope to address the wishes of those practitioners interested in retreats of ten days or more. For a variety of economic and personal reasons, many practitioners in Montana are only able to attend four day retreats. For those who do have the desire for longer retreats, traveling to meditation centers in others states has been the only option. As this is prohibitively expensive for many of us, we are hoping to connect those advanced practitioners within the state who are interested in finding an opportunity for a longer retreat here at home.

A number of potential locations exist where a small group of five or six practitioners could plan a ten day retreat. But first we have to know where the interest lies. If you are so inclined, please contact us so that we can begin in plan a way to address your interest. Email the  Steering Committee Member of your choice!